What is Waste Accountant?

What makes Waste Accountant unique as a waste management system is the way it works as an integrated cloud solution. Whether you are a main contractor, subcontractor or waste transfer station, you can access Waste Accountant and play your part in achieving waste management best practice.



• Reduce transport costs by easily finding all the suppliers closest to site using the ‘Supplier Search’ tool • Broker your own waste using the Waste Accountant approach to achieve cost savings

• Utilize our cost capture systems to continuously monitor and improve savings


• Develop working methods and techniques through analysis of waste quantities and logistics to reach CO2 reduction targets and increase recycling percentages

• Analyse waste data for all your business activity to improve the way your service is delivered to the client

• Export a variety of reports detailing how improvements can be made INTEGRATE

• Integrate the supply chain i.e. subcontractors and waste management suppliers by giving them free access to your Waste Accountant so together you can refine delivery of the service

• Avoid double handling of data using API integration tools


• Comply with Duty of Care Regulations

• Obtain Free Duty of Care compliance checks by the MTS Waste Accountant Helpdesk

• Comply with Environmental Permitting Regulations

• Comply with Hazardous Waste Regulations

• Comply with the CL:AIRE Code of Practice Material Management Plan


The Waste Accountant subscription includes continued support and upgrades. The dedicated helpdesk is staffed by our team of environmental specialists, ready with unlimited telephone support and system guidance.

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