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There are over 20,000 waste management facilities in the UK and every company that sends waste to them needs to complete a ‘Duty of Care’ check. The ‘Waste Supplier Search’ prevents duplication of this information.

How does it work?

The Waste Accountant community work throughout the UK. When they generate waste and take it to a waste management facility the MTS Environmental Help Desk contacts the facility on their behalf and obtains the carriers licence, permit information and recycling percentages achieved. The Help Desk then adds this to the Waste Accountant database and the information is available to anyone using the ‘Waste Supplier Search’.

Companies producing waste are able to use the supplier search to locate recycling facilities that are able to take this waste. The real benefit of the supplier search is that it allows the companies to identify the nearest and most cost effective facilities available to them. This is done by entering a postcode and waste type into the system.

This search not only locates the available forwarding facilities, but companies are able to access the facilities’ duty of care documents.

A thank you from MTS Environmental

So as part of the ‘Waste Supplier Search’ each forwarding facility is able to upload an address and contact details, company logo, brochure, services on offer, carriers licence, permit details, waste types accepted and recycling percentages achieved.

This is to thank the waste industry for continuously innovating waste recycling, which benefits the Waste Accountant community so much.

If you are a forwarding facility that handles waste and you would like to log into Waste Accountant for free to update and refine your profile, please send contact details to the Help Desk at helpdesk@wasteaccountant.com and a login will be forwarded to you.

Waste Supplier Search

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