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Waste Accountant

A critical element of our business is setting up and supporting Waste Accountant, our waste management system. It guarantees to improve your business’ environmental performance, while also saving you money.

Organisations require a variety of waste management solutions. Waste Accountant provides the framework for all the potential options.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Most companies are aiming to achieve ISO14001 or similar. Waste Accountant acts as a great tool to enable your EMS to manage waste correctly.

We also help you develop an EMS if you don’t yet have one.

Waste Strategy Development

We offer extensive experience to the construction industry and waste industry in designing, building, developing and supporting recycling solutions i.e. waste transfer/treatment stations, recycling facilities and the production of recycled products for the construction industry.

As part of these strategies you may require assistance with;

1 Environmental Permitting Regulations

2) Cl:AIRE Code of Practice

3) Material Management Plans (MMP)

4) Qualified Person sign off.

5) Supply chain review and procurement

6) Site Waste Management Plans

7) Recycling solutions development

8) Waste management training

9) Planning permission guidance - phase one/two/three studies

10) Site remediation ground investigations

11) Site remediation strategies including implementation and supervision

Waste Accountant is used to support the management of these varying operations.

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