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About Us

Founded in 2005, MTS is a multidisciplinary environmental consultancy that provides services to both the public and private sectors.

MTS has fostered long term working relationships with leading civil engineering and construction contractors, government agencies and waste management companies.


What We Do

We develop cost-effective environmental solutions that are easily incorporated into our client’s projects. 

Our team is a diverse group of environmental scientists and engineers that specialise in sustainable resource management, integrated environmental and waste management systems, environmental permitting, land remediation and the design and manufacture of innovative recycling technologies and software.

We work collaboratively with our clients to meet their requirements and expectations and together we take each project from inception to completion.

Environmental Management Systems

Environmental management systems identify any risks associated with new projects so that the necessary controls and mitigation strategies are implemented.  MTS has developed numerous environmental management systems and plans for a range of clients, including large civil engineering contractors to small waste management companies. We work closely with clients and regulatory bodies to provide ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

Sustainable Resource Management

Our aim is to help our clients to achieve a closed loop in materials use, so that all recyclable material/waste generated is reused within the business.  This could be creating topsoil from gully and filter drain waste, to reusing bituminous material as sub-base. We have developed innovative solutions with our clients for numerous waste streams paving the way for zero waste to landfill.

Waste Management Consultancy

We have extensive experience in the design and development of waste transfer stations, recycling technologies and the production of recycled products for the construction industry. We review the waste management activities of our clients to provide workable solutions and to increase efficiency. 

Environmental Compliance and Permitting

We assess the activities of our clients to determine if an environmental permit or exemption is required from the Environment Agency. If this is the case, we then guide them through the application process for a full application, minor/administrative variation, transfer or full surrender. 

Materials Management Plan

We work with our clients to develop a Materials Management Plan (MMP) that covers the use of materials at a specific site. We also guide them through the Definition of Waste process to ensure that the Definition of Waste Code of Practice is complied with. We can provide a registered Qualified Person to review documents and submit a Declaration to the Environment Agency.


Contaminated Land

We conduct ground investigations and compile phase one/two/three studies at contaminated sites. Once the preliminary reports and investigations are complete, a remediation strategy is devised and implemented in accordance with statutory regulations. 

If required we will also complete project specific permit applications on behalf of our clients.


Waste Management Software

The Waste Accountant tracking software records all waste movements and has an integrated supplier search to find the most suitable facilities within a given radius. It is a fully auditable cloud solution that has various user levels to give controlled access to companies, subcontractors, waste carriers and waste facilities, so that all data is captured quickly and efficiently.  

MTS use Waste Accountant to deliver waste management innovations. Using Waste Accountant allows us to identify opportunities and demonstrate continuous improvement.

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Pothole Reporter

This is a repository of pothole data recorded using a mobile application, which is available to highways authorities and contractors. 

Pothole Reporter web application and mobile app captures pothole locations and timestamps all works by contractors allowing an assessment of the effectiveness of certain repair solutions.

Pothole Reporter is a waste minimisation innovation by increasing the life of the road highays authorities will generate less waste. MTS in partnership with councils will trial multiple pothole repair solutions for longevity. 

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What They Say About Us.

  • “We have used MTS Environmental for many years now and together we have developed some highly innovative environmental solutions for the Highways Agency and Hampshire County Council”

    Author image
    Andy Theobold Managing Director, R&W Civil Engineering
  • “EM Highway Services Ltd have been using Waste Accountant for 3 years and now use it across the whole business to demonstrate legal compliance and enhance environmental performance.”

    Author image
    EM Highways Environmental Manager, EM Highways
  • “ has significantly improved EAE use of Site Waste Management Plans ”

    Author image
    EAE Environmental Manager, Electricity Alliance East
  • “By regaining control of our waste steams through Waste Accountant on four term maintenance contracts, May Gurney has started to change the perception of “waste” into a resource. ”

    Author image
    Riaan Kruger Innovations Manager, May Gurney


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